domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

my schedule


06:00 a 07:00 am
I rise to enroll my children for school
09:00 a 11:00 am
I wait for lunch for my daughter and I left for college

01:00 a 05:00 pm
I'm in college
06:00 a 09:00 pm
I'm at home doing household duties

10:00 a 11:00 pm
I am studying 
09:00 pm
Watch TV for a while and then sleep

07:00 a 11:00 am
Wash clothes.
06:00 a 07:00 pm
I see TV with my kids.

01:00 a 05:00 pm
I visit my mother with my children and husband.
06:00 a 09:00 pm

We got up early to visit other family members.

We got up early to visit other family members.

I'm leonevelis labarca I have 26 years, I m married to juan rodriguez beautiful and I have two babies one boy 
of five years and girl aged three
I get up very early in the morning , I take a shower with my children and then we brush our teth 
make breakfast for my children to go to school and my husband goes to wort 
I do lunch before going to college,I take the bus to leave my girl in the mom and then go to college 
then pick up my daughter and I go to my home tomake dinner and wait for my husband to eat and sleep.

so my days are monday though friday

weekend we got up early to start the family trip to visit dunts, grandmom and other family members 

do well and do not look here 
be happy 

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